James Waldron, Ph.D, President

 James Waldron, Ph.D.


President and Trustee of Bergen Museum of Art & Science
Bergen Museum of Art & Science & TechnoWorks Inc
Unitek Research Institute
Ph.D, Organic Chemistry M.S. and B.S. Chemical Engineering at NJIT


  • Bergen Museum of Art & Science President,  October 2010 – present
  • Techno Works Inc CEO & Executive Director & CEO 1995 – Present

Awards: Nominated for the Smithsonian-Computerworld Award (Search for New Heroes) in Information Technology in 1992 in the category Education and Academia

Scientist / Internet Architect / Information Specialist:
Senior scientist, artist and computer professional with 30+ years computer and research experience. Internet architect and systems specialist with extensive background in web site design and development that included the design and development of 20 plus commercial web sites such as www.superlawyer-nj.com.

Music and Art background:
Several one man shows in photography in SOHO- NYC, owned and operated Magic Image Studio while in graduate school, did fashion portfolios for Barbizon models and fashion shoots (designer shoe commercials and high fashion) for seveal modeling agencies. Music: Played guitar, contributed to songs recorded by Chris Spedding and friends, live jam sessions at 24th Ave Studio and recording sessions.

Chemical Research:
Several years chemical research & molecular modeling. Discovered and isolated 2 new molecules culminating in 8 publications in major scientific journals. Strong background in advanced mathematics linear programming, finite mathematics, statistical design of experiments, variance analysis, probability theory, logic, partial differential equations, numerical methods, number theory, etc.

Books, Art, Hobbies & Interests
Books: Magic Mountain, Steppenwolf, Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland, Art of Zen & Motorcycle Maintenance, The Outsider
Artists: Picasso, Munch, Van Gaugh, Antonioni, Escher, Fellini
Hobbies and Interests: solving complex problems, time-travel, model trains
Favorite Quote: “It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry.”