01 May

Maritime Exhibit featuring Works of Art from the US Coast Guard with display of Naval Vessels by NJ Miniaturist Al Bosworth, December 6th through February 28th

Maritime Exhibit featuring Works of Art from the US Coast Guard with display of Naval Vessels by NJ Miniaturist Al Bosworth. December 6th through February 28th
There will be a reception on Thursday, January 15th 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Representatives from the Coast Guard and featured artists will be present during the opening reception and will describe the work. This reception is open to the public with a $20 donation.
The Bergen Museum will host a special exhibit featuring United States Coast Guard Art in the Main Gallery from December 6 through January 17, 2004. The exhibit will provide an overview of the Coast Guard, both historically and in terms of present-day missions. The show is subdivided into five key Coast Guard functions: guardian, defender, beacon, savior and enforcer. The exhibit will include a brief overview of the entire show including one for each section.
Among several New Jersey artists with works in the exhibit will be Tom Austin of Ramsey. Austin is a member of CoGap, a volunteer group of artists who donate their talents to help the Coast Guard record its rich heritage. The Museum’s exhibit includes a fleet of miniature naval vessels built by River Edge resident Al Bosworth. Each of the ships are built on a 175-foot to 1-inch scale.
The fleet includes frigates, aircraft carriers, steamships and even British naval ships. The Coast Guard has had a rich and important history here in New Jersey, New York City Metropolitan area and the New York harbor. The US Coast Guard continues this long tradition of service in our region. The Museum’s president, Peter Knipe, in speaking about the exhibit, said “we are proud to showcase the outstanding art that depicts the tradition and honor of the United States Coast Guard”. Knipe continued, “this exhibit is a way to bring great art to our community and to honor the men and women that serve our country as members of the Coast Guard.”
As one of the five armed services, the Coast Guard is at the forefront of efforts to defend our nation from threats to its people and the values on which it was founded. The Coast Guard has command responsibilities for the U.S. Maritime Defense Zone, countering potential threats to American’s coasts, ports, and inland waterways through numerous port-security, harbor-defense, and coastal-warfare operations and exercises. In times of international conflict, the service has been deployed overseas to support U. S. war efforts.
The Coast Guard has assumed one of the lead roles in responding to these unscrupulous attacks upon our nation by providing homeland security in our nation’s harbors, ports and our coastal communities.
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