01 May

Bergen Film Festival, Spring 2004

The Bergen Film Festival
Presented by the Bergen Museum of Art & Science
The festival is planned to be held in the early spring of 2004.
It was decided that the Museums mastodons, symbols of power and endurance, would lend to the festival’s theme. The Festival will present The “Mastodon Tusk” Award to the best film in the selected categories.
The Festival is an opportunity to view new films, participate in lectures and enjoy the tributes to film classics during the festival.
The festival encourages a diverse range of filmmakers to participate and is open to International as well as American films. It is hoped that entrees will include new films for children. Films will be viewed and placed into either competition or non-competition categories.
A segment of the festival will include a tribute to a classic film in addition to a special event and lecture. Lectures will be provided by both film scholars and film makers.
The Bergen Museum is please to announce the Bergen Festival’s
film partner, the Loews Theaters.