01 May

Transcultural New Jersey Exhibit Held Over to March 18th, 2005

Transcultural Exhibit
Transcultural New Jersey Exhibit. Held Over to March 18th

March 12th 2:00 PM: Book Signing & Reception with Bisa Butler, Antonio A. Puri and Monica S. Camin
Meet The Artist Reception $10. January Time & Date To Be Announced
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 2nd, 7:00 PM
Guest Pianist and Refreshments: $10

Pictures from Exhibit are posted here
Transcultural New Jersey is believed to be the first art exhibition program in the country to carry a central statewide theme. The Bergen Museum participates in this exhibit of important artists to its main gallery in Paramus, NJ. A report from the U.S. Census Bureau has inspired the December 2003 launch of the “Transcultural New Jersey Arts and Education Initiative,” a yearlong, statewide initiative spearheaded by Rutgers University, the university’s Office for Intercultural Initiatives and the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, in partnership with New Jersey Network (NJN) Public Television. The project is designed to move local visual artists from under represented populations into the mainstream art world, provide insight into the state’s immigrant population, foster cross-cultural dialogue and understanding, and enrich school curricula. Exhibit runs to January 28th, 2005.
The Bergen Museum is one of Twenty-four N.J. educational institutions, arts organizations, museums, galleries and libraries that have collaborated to explore and promote the works of African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic/Latino and Native-American artists. Rutgers, and NJN developed a Transcultural New Jersey compact disk for New Jersey teachers with lesson plan and other materials.