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Young American Artists Exhibit on view through March 11, 2006

Young American Artists
Exhibit on view through March 11, 2006
Meet the Artists
Thursday, February 9, 2006
From 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Traveling exhibition “Young American Artists of Today”
The works represented in “Young American Artists of Today” are as diverse as America itself. Photography, painting, sculpture, digital works, printmaking and video art – all of these traditional and contemporary techniques reflect the creative variety of American art. The artists featured in the show include Leigh Tarentino, Julian Montague, Megan Foster, Erik Wayne Patterson, Adam John Stennett, Fiona Gardner, Michael Cambre, Jeph Gurecka, Jon-Paul Villegas, James Sheehan, Sean McDevitt, and among others. Containing works dating from the last 5 years, the exhibition will explore ideas and trends in which young artists are working today in America. The exhibition showcases the diversity of contemporary American art through selected works. “Young American Artists of Today” is organized by the Stas Namin Centre in cooperation with the Kolodzei Art Foundation, Inc. (USA) and Federal Agency For Culture and Cinematography of the Russian Federation. Curator of the exhibition Natalia Kolodzei. The exhibition was first shown during the Festival of American Contemporary Culture “American Autumn in Moscow” in November 2005.
One of the important areas of American art is in the development of digital and photographic processes. The works by Julian Montague (b.1974), Leigh Tarentino (b. 1968) and Fiona Gardner (b. 1975), with all their difference of concepts and ideas, are united by use of the modern technologies.
On the other hand, Megan Foster (b. 1977) combines in her paintings cinematic narratives and the everyday experience. The process of making these paintings begins with a series of digital pictures from DVDs and clippings from magazines; then the artist combines omnipresent media images with elements traditionally associated with painting.
“Young American Artists of Today” represents the diverse palette of American artistic life of the last five years, which is mainly based on individuality. Most artists are keen to find their own place on the international artistic venue. Works by young artists is always of great interest for the public, especially works from another country. We hope that this exhibition will continue the dialogue between the American and Russian cultures.