Ralph Turturro


Ralph Turturro was born in 1957 to a typical Italian family with aunts, uncles, and cousins all living close by in Queens. As a teenager, he ventured into stand-up comedy with his cousin, actor John Turturro. Like Ralph’s father, who was an impressionist and a performer, both Ralph and John Turturro picked up his love for mimicry. His cousin, Aida Turturro’s father Dominick (Aida played Janice on The Sopranos), renovated an old synagogue into a painting studio with three floors of balconies and large abstract paintings, launching his own love for art at an early age.

Ralph Turturro’s family came from a time, soon after the war, when Americans were the good guys and all things were possible. The Turturros’ played out that American dream and have succeeded, all in their own special ways. Ralph Turturro painted furiously as a kid, and today is an art teacher and an accomplished abstract expressionist.

Ralph Turturro’s paintings are pure painterly delectation; one of the few remaining venues which has not succumbed to the lure of anti-art novelty.