Joey Kelly

Voice, Songwriting, Entertainer & Producer · June 1979 to present

Joey Kelly, Buddy Love, Joeys Kelly’s All Stars

Members of Buddy Love: Joey Kelly:Vocals, Percussion Doug Khazzam:Guitars & Vocals Scott Schiller:Bass & Vocals Rich Stirrat:Drums & Vocals Studio & Stage Team: David Stoler:Keyboards Sam Powell:Sax, Guitars,Keyboards & Vocals

Joey Kelly’s All Stars : Makin’ Music With Good Friends, Great Musicians & Just Havin’ Some Fun. The All Stars Change From Time To Time But It’s All About Being Part Of The Club! That’s What You Can Expect From Joey Kelly’s All Stars

  • Video number 1.  “Red House”


  • Video Number 2:  The Joey Kelly Allstars Live w/ Special Guest Ricky Byrd “Beast of Bourbon”

  • Video Number 3: Bring it Home to Me