About Us

In 1956 a new museum was formed to provide a center for the purpose of stimulating youth and adult interest in the arts and sciences. The founding board of directors opened a location on Fort Lee Road in Teaneck. In 1969, the Museum moved to the location at East Ridgewood and Fairview Avenues in Paramus. The Museum’s trustees have relocated the Museum to the lower level of the Bergen Mall, Paramus, NJ.  The Museum is incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization.

The private art collection is composed of Regional historical and local artwork that includes the Bergen Museum’s Stefan Knapp Mural (once displayed on the Alexander’s building in Paramus and also known as the Alexander’s Mural), paintings, photographs, and two Mastodon skeletons.

The Museum’s Board of Directors (see top menu) holds a clear vision and works to provide leadership in developing new programs and building collaborative relationships to benefit the future of arts, sciences, and culture in Bergen County and the surrounding region.

The museum continues to hold local art exhibits with our in-house artists at various venues, such as the prestigious Bergen PAC as well as other galleries, and assists in locally held events with interns such as the Barclay’s PGA Golf Tour where our interns gathered valuable experience.